With a deep understanding of emerging technologies, Jack has developed expertise in many areas.

The Blockchain Transformation

How blockchain-enabled ​digital transformation​ will evolve your business, your  industry, and the world. Jack uncovers the origins of Blockchain, how it works, the  impact it has on business (today and tomorrow), and the legal and financial  implications as well as opportunities to design a future-proof plan that enables  continued success across corporate ecosystems. 

Extracting Real Value from Artificial Intelligence

AI is already transforming business, society, and the world, but so far it has only scratched the surface. As we move from self-driving vehicles to self-optimizing systems to self-configuring business landscapes, we’ll see changes that dwarf what we’ve experienced to date. Jack shares real-world examples and company wins revealing how cutting-edge businesses’ AI implementations will reduce costs, improve service, and spark innovation.

5G: The Opportunities and the Challenges

5G means much more than just faster video downloads. Think robotic surgery from the other side of the globe. Or, combined with AI and blockchain, manufacturing plants that reconfigure their factory floors in real time as a response to changes in demand at retail! Jack will show you how 5G will impact both your business and industry, as well as share how to develop your 5G strategy for a sustainable competitive advantage.

IoT is the Future of Everything

From connected cars to smart cities, the Internet of Things has a life of its own  beyond computers and standard mobile devices. As IoT transforms, is your business  fine-tuned to truly use this technology effectively? Are you aware of how IoT in 2025  will impact your business? 

3D Printing: Revolutionizing Industries

As the newest, most powerful manufacturing technique, 3D printing is driving the next industrial revolution. When integrated with other emerging technologies, it makes a huge economic impact – and not just on manufacturers. Explore its role in the digital economy and where it is headed across society as a whole in the next decade of digital transformation.

Jack also speaks on such other forward-looking topics as:

  • Developing Your Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Digitally Transforming Business Ecosystems
  • The Future of Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Digital Transformation of Procurement and Supply Chain Management

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