Jean S. Edwards

“It was a pleasure working with and finally meeting Jack at our Sun Government  Executive Partner Forum. For this event, I had to work with over ten speakers from  outside Sun and I have to admit Jack was the most flexible and approachable  individual. Because Jack took the time to understand Sun technology innovations,  he was able to tailor his message in a way that connected to the audience and with  Sun.”

Content Manager, Sun Government Executive Partner
Kevin Wang

“We had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Jack Shaw on ​Introduction to  Blockchain and Its Effects on the CPA Industry​. Jack started by giving a plain English  introduction of blockchain technology including an overview of how  cryptocurrencies and smart contracts work. He continued his presentation by  discussing how blockchain is predicted to impact CPA firms in the future.  Participants who attended in person and remotely left the presentation with a sense  of excitement and eagerness to know what lies ahead. “

Director of Innovation, Warren Averett, LLC
Carl M. Mix

“The seminar was instrumental in six clients signing up for major upgrades in the  following 60 days. Jack’s willingness and ability to incorporate success stories from  our existing customer base in his presentation was key to the effectiveness of our  event.”

President, Application Results, Inc.
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