Corporate Financial Executive, Software Company Executive, Consulting Firm Founder, Author, and Speaker. 

Jack’s curiosity for understanding the future impacts of emerging technologies is grounded in lessons learned from the emergence of e-commerce during the dot-com era and even beforehand.

, and Starting over three decades ago, even before the birth of e-commerce, and through the advent of blockchain in the early Millennium era, Jack took an early and enduring interest in understanding how new technologies impact everyday processes, corporate strategies, and even fundamental business models as well as how organizations must adjust and adapt to those impacts. Staying ahead of the curve to understand rapidly evolving, emerging technologies including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and IoT provides Jack the opportunity to lead companies through their digital transformation – rethinking how businesses function by ensuring new tech concepts are applied in the best ways.

As co-founder and executive director of the American Blockchain Council, Jack helps industry leaders recognize the latest developments in Blockchain and its strategic effect on global businesses. He also leads Breakthrough Business Technologies, a company founded to help technology users and solution providers uncover their competitive advantage and value to customers.

He is a Yale University graduate and holds a Kellogg MBA degree specializing in Finance and Marketing.

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